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Sports Bundle
Sports Bundle

Sports Bundle

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Our most-popular Sport Stencils have been combined to offer a group discount! Enjoy hours of outdoor fun with Superior Court, Hopscotch, and Four Square stencils.

Superior Court

 Create Your Own Regulation Home Basketball Court in Only Minutes

Superior Court ™ quickly, easily and accurately allows you to paint a regulation basketball court on any driveway, patio or play area in any yard.

  • No Measuring, No Guesswork

Simply unroll the precision-cut stencils, tape to asphalt or concrete, and you are ready to go.

  • Free Paint Roller Included

Just roll your paint over the stencil holes. Allow paint to dry and fold stencil to remove. Your court is ready.

  • Superior Court is a Great Focus for Outdoor Activity

Having a regulation basketball court in your backyard encourages kids to become familiar with the fundamentals of the game. It helps develop the skills and knowledge needed to enjoy and excel at playing basketball.

  • Finished court size is approximately 13'x21'.


Bring this time-honored classic to your playground or driveway!

Some experts believe Hopscotch dates back to the days of the Romans who reportedly dressed in full body armor to build stamina, strength, and endurance.

While dressing in armor might be an outdated concept, the multitude of physical and mental benefits of this game never go out of style.

This simple outdoor game helps to master physical body control and coordination, stamina, strength, balance, endurance, and hand/eye coordination. Add strategy and the social aspect of game play with exposure to math, Hopscotch is one of the greatest well-rounded playground games in existence.

 Four Square

Both creativity and physical body development are in focus on this popular playground game. Enjoyed and played around the world with an assortment of different rules, Four Square is a classic.

Physical development occurs in the form of balance, hand/eye coordination, flexibility, agility, directional awareness, and motor skills.

Under the watchful eyes of teammates and competitors, self-regulation, honesty, and cooperation are an important feature of this game dating back to the mid 1900’s.

This stencil is scalable in order to accommodate children of all ages and ability levels, and courts can be found in elementary school playgrounds, high school gyms, and yes, there’s even a World Championship, proving this is a game for all ages!