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What is a Stencil?

Stencils are one of the simplest ways to add a layered design or image onto a fixed surface.  By filling in or painting the cut-outs on the design, the image is created. The great part about working with stencil designs is that the measurements and designs are already created for you, and by simply filling in the blanks, an image will appear like in the below basketball court stencil. Line it up on your court, and by painting the gaps, you create the basketball court.



Why Stencils?

Stencils allow the creation of complex and detailed shapes and designs without a lot of time-consuming measurements, drawing (and re-drawing), and allows the image to emerge in a relatively short amount of time. It would be very difficult to create a map of the United States, with all the states and the 5 Great Lakes, unless you had a stencil to guide the process.



Who Can Install a Stencil?

Most stencils made by Ursa Major are designed with children in mind, so with the oversight of an adult, it’s a fun project for all ages.