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Promote a lifestyle of healthy eating on any 8' x 10' surface.  Stencil a wall, playground, or any other surface to promote a lifetime of nutrition and positive food and beverage choices.

Stencils come in 4 panels, which are 8 feet long, with a 5th panel containing the food group descriptions.


Step-by-Step Instructions:

  • Lay out stencil panels one through four, tape into position and spray paint outline. (1 hour)
  • After drying, paint each section the desired color. (1 hour)
  • After drying, use a roller to paint in the outline by connecting the dots.  Use tape for crisp, straight lines.
  • After drying, cut food descriptions out of panel five, and tape into position where desired (30 minutes)
  • Paint the words in their respective sections.  A paint brush is recommended (30 minutes)

Note: Paint needs to be thoroughly dried and cured prior to taking the next step.  Paint dry time varies depending on environmental conditions.


Supplies Needed:

  • White spray paint to paint the stencil outline
  • Painter's tape to set panels in position
  • Small paint roller, tray and brush
  • White paint
  • Five (5) different paint colors, if desired:  one for each food group
  • Construction Level