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Night Sky
Night Sky
Night Sky
Night Sky
Night Sky

Night Sky

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Astronomy Readers Choice 2019 Winner Night Sky Star Stencil™ transforms the ceiling of your darkened room into a dramatic replica of the real night sky while leaving the lighted room unchanged (no posters or noticeable markings).

  • Soothing and relaxing.
Finally a simple cure for fear of the dark. The peaceful comfort of a starry night inspires a feeling of "connectedness" with the universe.

  • Accurate and educational!
Nearly 400 stars and 40 constellations are represented in proper positions with accurate relative brightness. You also get a hand-held Star Map and Constellation Finder that shows the names and locations of hundreds of stars--an entire hemisphere! In addition, the star map is an excellent take-along item anytime you're star gazing outdoors.

  • Easy!
You simply affix the stencil to the ceiling or wall--the adhesive won't stain or remove paint or wallpaper--and paint the stencil holes with the special glow-in-the-dark paint. Then you remove the stencil. Works on both smooth and textured ceilings!  The 8-foot stencil is applied in three panels;  the 12-foot stencil has five panels.  

When you're ready for the stars to shine, expose them to natural or artificial light. Turn out the lights, and the stars glow and keep glowing for up to eight hours. They can be recharged indefinitely and are unnoticeable in lighted rooms or on light-colored surfaces. The 12-foot stencil takes one hour to apply. The stencil can be saved and reused.

  • It's all here!

Your kit contains everything you need: the Night Sky Star Stencil, adhesive, in the Dark Paint (which is new and improved), brush, and easy-to-follow instructions. No projectors, no batteries, no black lights and nothing to clutter the room.

Winter or Summer? How do you choose?

There are quite a few factors which may impact your decision. Some choose the season of birth if it’s being installed in a bedroom. Some choose the season which fits best with the room, for example installing a Summer Sky stencil in a 3-season room.

There are some constellations which do not appear in both stencils, so if you’re interested in Orion (The Hunter), it is primarily a cold-weather constellation, so it can be found only on the Winter Sky stencil. The Winter Sky also uniquely displays:

Aquarius                        Aries

Cancer                          Gemini

Pisces                           Taurus

The Summer Sky uniquely displays:

Capricorn                      Leo

Libra                             Sagittarius

Scorpio                         Virgo

If there is a specific constellation you are looking to have on your ceiling or wall, please contact us. 

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