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Wall Bundle
Wall Bundle

Wall Bundle

Regular price $ 120.00

Combine the stencil with AlphaGator to enhance the education of basic skills and healthy eating habits. Both have been combined to offer a healthy discount!

Promote a lifestyle of healthy eating on any 8' x 10' surface.  Stencil a wall, playground, or any other surface to promote a lifetime of nutrition and positive food and beverage choices.

Stencils come in 4 panels, which are 8 feet long, with a 5th panel containing the food group descriptions.


The alphabet is the building block of learning, and by combining a well-known and popular animal with both upper and lower case letters, learning the alphabet can be fun.

There are a variety of creative ways to install the AlphaGator stencil which can be placed on either playground surfaces or walls.

A single AlphaGator requires space of 18 feet by 30 inches, so the space dedicated to this stencil will vary depending on the placement of the second stencil, distance between, etc.